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nGallery gets unit tests!

I have finally checked in my code for unit tests and MySQL support to the nGallery project(a great .NET open source photo gallery implementation). Not everything passes but it is tough when playing catch up to a team of devoted developers who keep adding features! 🙂 A nice feature of this unit test implementationis the use ofinheritance in the test fixtures to test all the different implementations of the data layer with a single suite of tests (XML, Sql Server, AnsiSql). If you are interested in the unit test implementation or nGallery’s new support for MySQL then grab a copy of the development code (these features aren’t near release quality yet though).

The next trick is to figure out how to get them all to change their development style to be test first. How do you convince people when you have never met them face to face and don’t even know where they are based?

It has also been really interesting to play withWiki for the first time on this project. It is a wonderful medium for collaborative documentation among its many other uses.

I will be starting anew contract in the Washington DC area in the next few weeks so my time on nGallery is likely to be limited for a while (hence the big check-in today).

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