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CShark and other interesting .NET related license plates?

It has finally arrived – a personalized license plate (or tag in DMV jargon) from the DMV. After them first issuing the plate which never arrived – then refusing to do anything about it when called, then the kind souls at AAA issued a new plate so we could complete this years registration for the car and issued a request to the DMV to reissue the plate which they finallydid!

So, there it is – “CSHARK“.

It was originally the name for a coding standards framework for C# which I started while at a previous client. The idea was to enablethe companyto ensuretheir coding standards were being followed by making it an addinfor VS.NET available from a keystroke while in the editor. The framework used some regular expressions to parse the source code (a poor solution) and then used a series of interfaces to define rules which could be implemented to test for different things. It was different to FxCop in that it was only designed to test the formatting of the code – braces in the right places, spacing, etc. FxCop operates at the IL level and therefore works across all .NET languages but is concerned more with the functionality and designrather than formatting.I abandoned the framework since I thinkthat a code formatting tool (maybe as a filter to your favorite source control system … ?) is a better way togo. I should also thank a previous coworker and friend, Jim Callender, who being the gifted artist he is, designed a great 32×32 shark icon for the product.

If you are interested in a coding standards framework or a C# parsing CODEDOM based solution, be sure to take a look at Ivan Zderadicka’s website.

Now all I need to do is wash the car! πŸ™‚

Anyone else have any interesting .NET related license plates?

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  1. DrFooMod2
    April 28, 2004 at 4:21 pm

    Go checkout my license plate:



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