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TechEd Blogging: Bright sunlight and a caterers challenge!

The first day: I arrived at the San Diego Convention Center around 10am via cab ($15 for 4 miles … a little steeper than DC!). The building is very impressive … it is huge with interesting architecture and unusual elevators. Registration was a breeze using the staff line and finding the development cabanas was easy enough with lots of helpful people and great planning.

The area for the cabanas and open PC access is enormous with plenty of available network plugins and wireless access. The strange part is that it is really bright, making it difficult to see any LCD screens. The roof has large canvas “sails“ but there doesn’t appear to be any way to darken the room.

After hanging out at the cabana for a while, I wandered down for lunch and found an even larger room. The dining room seats 7800 people! (picture coming) It is hard to believe that anyone could cater for that many people and still keep the food hot. :-)But numbers aside, the food was superb … I had halibut with zucchini, couscous and potatoes. It is hard to findvegetables cooked well, especially when cooked en masse.

Check back for more poststhis week from TechEd’s Cabana area or stop by and say “hi“ if you are here!

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