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Darrell Norton, I presume.

The local DC and surrounding area.NET community leaders came together last night courtesy of Microsoft’s local Developer Community Champion, Geoff Snowman and our new Developer Evangelist, Andrew Duthie.

Amongst all the wonderful people I met for the first time at the event was Darrell Norton whose TDD interest was especially exciting. Unfortunately with all the activity we didn’t get to exchange TDD notes but I did agree to come down to speak at the WeProgram.NET UG next year.

It is wonderful to put faces to names and realize how many exciting things are happening in your local area.

Big thanks and kudos to Geoff and Andrew for organizing and there will be lots more excitement in the community if some of the discussed proposals are implemented!

Ps. Darrell beat me to the punch.

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  1. Darrell
    November 24, 2004 at 5:26 am

    Heh, and I thought I was going to be last! 🙂

    We definitely need to get you down to our user group to present and talk TDD!

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