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Interview with SD Times on C#/VS.NET 2005 … fear of the sound byte!

A few weeks back,Bob Flanders (a fellow consultant)and I gave an interview to SD Times reporter, Jennifer deJong on our experiences with C# and the features we were anxious for in the Whidbey release.

Here is the articlebased on the interview. The actual interview was about 30 minutes long so it is really scary to see it distilled down to one or two quotes (the dreaded sound byte!) but I think Jennifer did a great job of covering the bases.

A summary of my thoughts on new features in C# and VS.NET 2005

I am not as interested in the language changes as I am in improvements in the IDE. C# is already incredibly powerfulwith all the required semantics of a modern OO language and the power of the framework. It will be very exciting to see it progressbut the greatest benefitsfor me will be improvements in VS.NET 2005. The pain mentioned in the article has been relieved for the time being by Resharper which is makingautomated refactorings possible. I am especiallyinterested in customizing the IDE with morepersonalized colors/layouts/themes, further keyboard shortcuts, sharing settingsand other productivity enhancements (expansions, etc). The idea of built-in coverage analysis in the IDEalso sounds intriguing. I was really looking forward to one C#/Framework enhancement -ObjectSpaces – but it doesn’t appear to be ready for releaseyet. A mature object persistence framework for .NET to eliminate all the crazy O/R mapping would be a big productivity (and application design) improvement.

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