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Pair Certification? (70-316 passed == MCAD)

Wednesday was thycotic‘s first Microsoft
Certification Exam Day
. This is a new initiative at our company to
putdates to our goals and focus our minds on certification. Most of
our consultants have one or two certifications on their list for annual employee
goals. Human nature usually allows this to slip a few months or more as
deadlines, projects, vacations and life in general seems to get in the

How does it work?
Every 2
months a date is picked and each consultant books the next exam of their
choice. This sets a firm date and helps build developer team spirit as the
date gets closer. It also allows for some trading of company Exam Cram
books and some advice (without violating NDAs of course!) on how to
prepare. thycotic reimburses consultants for each exam that they pass so
there is a monetary incentive too!

The Results
I passed my third
exam (70-316… the winform with C# one) and now have
MCAD status. I
was a little apprehensive on this exam since most of our project work involves
ASP.NET and not WinFormsmeaningsome of the material was new to
me. I used
my favorite series of books and really had a fun time learning some new stuff (yes, *my* definition
of fun). Bryant
passed the ASP.NET exam and has a shiny new certificate to prove it.

The response to the initiative seems very
positive. Things always seem more fun when you do them together.
Pair Certication, anyone? 🙂

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