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When your code is reused

I am back from a weeks break in one of my favorite
places – the Outer Banks in North Carolina. After much sun, playing with
my new
and getting to spendquality with the family – it is time for a
“just back” blogpost. I am sifting through the inevitable pile of email
and came across somethingthat warms my heart …

It is always a great compliment when something you
developed is used in places that you never imagined. I wrote
in June 2004 to share my
sorting method using late binding which has proven to be very useful to
thycotic on various projects over
the years. I have received lots of feedback on Thycotic.Collections since then including very useful
performance tweaks from Niels Lunn (thank you!).

Today I was informed by John Winstanley that he has
includedThycotic.Collections in a new set of
CodeSmith templates
that he has put together as a rapid starter kit to get
developers up and running with ASP.NET and a SQL Server back end. John, as
you can guess, is using Thycotic.Collections for
its generic sorting power in his DataDictionary

Where has your code been reused in a
surprising way?

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