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PDC 2005 – Day One Review

The keynote was interesting, exciting and
exhausting! The technology innovations and overall
coolness just ran on for ages and became draining. It was also a first
opportunity for me to see billg speak for the first time which was an
experience. He had far less presence than I would have expected for a man
of such remarkable success but was still an entertaining and highly informative

The highlights of the keynote for me:

  • Seeing the upcoming Vista OS (they also have
    hands on machines to play with in COMMNET area – nice touch!)
  • Getting a better feel for Avalon’s(I mean
    WPF’s) impressive capabilities with the Netflix, North Face and Microsoft MAX
  • Seeing LINQ and the Gentle.NET (and every other
    persistence framework’s) esque version of attribute-based O/R mapping that
    must have been “ObjectSpaces” at one point.
  • Seeing the LINQ example become integrated with
    Indigo (I mean WCF) and ultimately Avalon (WPF)
  • Noticing over 30 available wireless networks
    available in the presentation hall!

The most overusedphrases of the

  • “super excited”
  • “super cool”

The best sessions of the day:

  • Monad is just awesome – really well thought out
    and extensible. Microsoft might be late to the scripting shell party but
    what an entrance!!
  • Thinking about the user experience – Hillel
    Cooperman did a great job – I am firm believer in aesthetics *and*
  • Stefan Schackow did a nice job on custom
    providers in ASP.NET 2.0 – much of the presentation could be summed up with
    the wordabstraction and learning to extend existing object
    frameworks. This said, I still think it is a worthwhile effort as many
    people are still just starting to figure it all out.

The exhibitor party was interesting – I got to hang
out with my friend
Steve Smith and meet
Scott Guthrie (Microsoft) , Scott Cate (
myKB) andChris Page (MaximumASP).The
Microsoft Influentials party at the trendy LA club,
, was fun and I also met the
Enterprise Architect for Dell – Brent Jackson
and had an interesting discussion about TDD and how it is being used to further
enhance Dell’s software development practice.

Jonathan Cogley isthe CEO and founder of
thycotic, a .NET consulting company and ISV in Washington DC. Our product,
myclockwatcher.comis a
time andexpense tracking system specializedfor billable
professionals built on ASP.NET, C# and SQL Server using Test Driven

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