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MVP Summit – Code Slam – GotDotNet Workspaces, Ward Cunningham and BlogML

Last night, the CodeSlam event took place at the
Microsoft Company Store / Visitor Center (organized by
). The list of .NET developer
celebrities was impressive and too numerous to mention! The purpose of the
event was to evangelize the great things already happening and coming up in the
GotDotNet Workspaces. Microsoft is taking online collaborative development
seriously and there are exciting things on their way! (wish I could say

I was lucky to spend some time at the event with
Ward Cunningham, Daniel Cazzulino and Pete Coupland. Ward was especially
interested in
thycotic‘s TDD activities and how we
are applying the principles to small and medium size businesses on an hourly
billable basis. We also talked about our techniques for applying TDD to
databases – such as our DatabaseInitializer in the
Thycotic.TddStarterKit and the
Ward mentioned how pieces of Extreme Programming are slowly making their way
into various groups within Microsoft. We talked about how tough the sell
can be to clients and best strategies for marketing TDD and Pair Programming to
clients. Unfortunately this marketing so oftendepends
ondevelopers who are stereotypically weak with such skills.

There was a strong Australian contingent at the
event (mostly from
readify, I think), with most of the
guys running on fumes after 20+ hours of travel. I met Darren Niemke and Paul Glavich for the first
time. Darren showed me his BlogML
(which is already on GotDotNet’s
!). The project is a great idea – basically a way to import
and export an entire blog. It defines a standard format (BlogML) for
serializing a blog (including comments, images, attachments) into an XML
format. This obviously has important implications for migrating blogs from
one blogging platform to another but could go further by making other things
easier, such as: cross posting, offline viewing and further smart ways of
distributing content for syndication. There is a pet project at thycotic,
to build a decent offline blog reader for the PocketPC (believe it or not, the
ones available – that we have found – all depend on online capabilities!) –
BlogML has great potential for this project since it provides an easy way to
serialize a blog for offline viewing.

Jonathan Cogley isthe CEO and founder of
thycotic, a .NET consulting company and ISV in Washington DC. Our product,
myclockwatcher.comis a time andexpense tracking system specializedfor
billable professionals built on ASP.NET, C# and SQL Server using Test Driven

  1. Korby Parnell
    September 28, 2005 at 11:17 pm

    Thanks for takikng the time to attend CodeSlam and thanks for your thoughtful comments. We were stoked to have you join us.

  2. hdfihfiosjkoIIII
    November 30, 2007 at 4:06 pm
  3. hdfihfiosjkoIIII
    November 30, 2007 at 5:13 pm
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