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Secret Server 1.2 is out! Release notes.

Our next release of Secret Server is out. This release includes lots of performance improvements and minor new features as per customer requests. We have also invested a lot of time in support for browser toolbars which we will be releasing soon. The browser toolbar will communicate with your Secret Server instance and automatically log you into web sites!

* Slashes are now escaped on Secret View page avoiding any clipboard failures
* Quick Search added to the tabs/toolbar
* Secrets can now be “deleted” (marked as inactive)
* Notes field is now multiline (like real notes)
* URL fields in secrets are now clickable
* Browse all was very slow and has been reworked for much better performance when there are lots of secrets
* Importer has been extended to support any Secret Type
* Enforces single browser per login for improved security
* Added “Bank Account” Secret Type
* Added more Remember Me settings to allow timeout after a period in minutes, hours and/or days
* Support for browser toolbar in Secret Server (via web services)

If you ALREADY have Secret Server installed then it will detect the new version and should offer an upgrade link in the toolbar (do not reinstall from the msi) (if your upgrade link is not showing then touch the web.config file and refresh the browser – this will cause Secret Server to check for updates).

If you do not yet have Secret Server installed then download it here (http://www.thesecretserver.com/download.aspx)

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