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Speaking at Richmond Code Camp tomorrow

I will be presenting two sessions at the Richmond Code Camp tomorrow:

  • Refactoring
    This will be a walkthrough of the Martin Fowler example but in C# (thanks to our very own, Bryant Smith who converted it to C# some time back). We will also get in to why, when and how to refactor.
  • Unit Testing ASP.NET with NUnitAsp and WATIR
    Our team excels with NUnitAsp – we use it daily on all our projects and this session will highlight our tips and tricks. The smaller section on WATIR is very new and is designed to showcase an alternative to NUnitAsp – this is something which I have far less experience but hope to put on a good show anyway! John Morales on the Thycotic team just pointed me towards WatiN tonight which looks very interesting and I will try to spin up an example in this too.

John will be presenting on Performance tuning ASP.NET Applications and Ryan will be coming along for the ride and to possibly fill in for a session if one comes up. We will all be wearing bright green Thycotic shirts so watch out for us and come to our sessions to win lots of great stuff:

  • Thycotic notepads and pens
  • 10 user license to Secret Server in each session

See you there! Oh yeah, and there will be NO SLIDES, JUST CODE.

Jonathan Cogley isthe CEO and founder of Thycotic Software, a .NET consulting company and ISV in Washington DC. Thycotic has just released Thycotic Secret Server which is a secure web-based solution to both “Where is my Hotmail password?” and “Who has the password for our domain name?”. Secret Server isthe leader in secret management and sharing within companies and teams.

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