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Thycotic presented in Rockville, MD at WinProTeam

This last Wednesday, myself and two other members of the Thycotic team presented at the WinProTeam Rockville meeting.

Topic: Data Access Strategies for your .NET Development

Three sessions presented by members of our Thycotic team – John Morales, Ryan Olshan and me.

1. ADO.NET Interfaces and how to be database agnostic
Ever wanted to support Oracle and SQL Server for your software product? We will look at the ADO.NET interfaces and how you can write more generic code by using them. The free open source API Thycotic.Data also makes working with multiple databases easy.

2. ORMapping with NHibernate
ORMapping is the process of creating objects that correlate to your database model. In other words class representations of your tables. There are many products/frameworks currently available to help/automate ORMapping tasks in .NET, in this session will examine NHibernate, a port of the Java Hibernate which has a very strong following in the Java community. I’ll show you why.

3. Introduction to LINQ
Explore the upcoming set of extensions to the .NET Framework that encompass language-integrated query, set, and transform operations.

Wegave away a10 user license to our Secret Server product for managing team passwords (worth $389)! Congrats Sam!

Jonathan Cogley isthe CEO and founder of Thycotic Software, a .NET consulting company and ISV in Washington DC. Thycotic Secret Server is a secure web-based solution to both “Where is the password for this router?” and “Who has the password for our domain hosting?”. Secret Server isthe leader in secret management and sharing within companies and teams.

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