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This is my second post with Live Writer and so far it seems pretty good. We have been using BlogJet for a while and really like theintuitive interface although it seems like Live Writer has most of the same features. Being able to easily pull up an earlier blog post to make a correction is such a great feature for me since I always spot typos or missing links after the post goes out. I was also very impressed with the easy configuration of Live Writer – I simply pointed it to my blog url, gave my username/password, it prompted me for a blog engine type and then suggested a post URL and it all just worked!

I have not yet tried any of the file attachment features or the integration with maps (not sure about the need for that one!). So here goes an image:

and it just works … no FTP configuration, nada. Wow! That is awesome.

I am runningLive Writeron Vista Enterprise after making the switch to Vista about a month back. I still don’t have a development environment on Vista but I have tried our team’s VMWare development instance of XP with some mixed results – VMWare seems to work on Vista but just hangs for a while every now and then.

Jonathan Cogley is the CEO and founder of Thycotic Software, a .NET consulting company and ISV in Washington DC. Our product,Secret Server, is a secure web-based solution for teams to secure their passwords. Where do you keep your passwords or do you use the same one everywhere (snicker)?

  1. Wictor
    March 16, 2007 at 6:34 am

    You should let your developers try out XP on Virtual Server 2007 running on Vista. It works really great! And depending on which Vista version you use, you can get up to 4 XP licenses for virtual pc use.

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