Secret Server 4.0 has shipped!


We were hoping to ship one day early but a few delays in getting some updated artwork and some of the upgrade documentation caused us to ship yesterday on the scheduled day.  Secret Server has never missed a launch date since first being released in November 2005 – this is something we attribute to Test Driven Development, Pair Programming and an agile planning schedule.  Usually this means reducing scope slightly as the launch date approaches – this time we had to drop a fix for supporting backup when SQL Server is not on the IIS box but it will come in an update in early January.

So what is new in 4.0?


Theming allows you to create your own company theme for Secret Server – this was a popular request with customers. 

We also shipped two new themes with 4.0 – Blue Chrome and Corporate.

Inherited Permissions on Folders

Managing permissions on secrets and folders is tedious.  4.0 brings permission inheritance across secrets,sub-folders and folders.  This makes it possible to specify who has access at a high level and allow those rights to cascade through the hierarchy.

Additional Highlights

  • Optional, customizable Login Policy Statement for corporate environments
  • Migration from the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 to 2.0
  • Ability to search by sub-folder
  • More…


Jonathan Cogley is the CEO and founder of Thycotic Software, a .NET consulting company and ISV in Washington DC.  Our product, Secret Server is a enterprise password manager system for teams to secure their passwords.  Is your team still storing passwords in Excel?

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