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SPAM, Damn SPAM, and SPAM Statistics.

September 24, 2004 6 comments

We have all heard how SPAM is costing us money – wasted time, wasted bandwidth, anti-SPAM software, lost business emails, etc.

Recently I have discovered (unfortunately) anew way. My ISP just notified me that I am violating their acceptable use for incoming SMTP connections – they limit to 5000 per day – I am receiving up to 8000. They want to charge me an additional $30 per month to separate my hosting platform to its own server – that is $360/year to accommodate SPAM. After being a customer of theirs for seven years (yes, 7!), they will terminate my service unless I solve the overuse.

I liken this problem to a random 100 people from every country in the world deciding to send me a postcard each day – and the post office decides to charge me a premium for handling all the mail!

How do you stop people from even trying to send you SPAM? I am currently runninga home grown .NET-based app to isolate SPAM sender’s IP addresses so that the ISP can block them.

Anyone else have this problem? What else can you do? When will we finally get real legislation to stop this?

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Enterprise Architecture must be driven by business value.

October 18, 2003 Leave a comment

Martin Fowler has a great article on EnterpriseArchitecture in response to some criticism on his book. He highlights that enterprise architecture is all too often an initiative championed by IS rather than the business areas. It then has to take a backseat as an infrastructure project over other projects directly related to business value. I think this idea is key and really makes the point to identify business value and communicate it to the business areasif any project is to succeed.

I have had similar thoughts in some recent presentations and meetings,but Martin was able to eloquently sum up and communicate the idea!

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